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Using Turmeric & The Benefits: 2

February 27th, 2010

1004127_f520Now that we have talked about exactly what Turmeric is and what properties it has in it, let’s talk about how you can use Turmeric in order to treat some of those cuts and wounds that you might be experiencing.  One thing that you should know is that Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and what that means, is that when made into a paste, you can use it has a treatment.

Also, while it might not taste all that great, when you mix Turmeric with warm milk, you can actually cure a sore throat, which in this season is fantastic!  Just drink that mixture up and instantly, you should be feeling better.

You can also use Turmeric to cure gastrointestinal discomfort, which comes with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

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Using Turmeric & The Benefits: 1

February 26th, 2010

Gelbwurz / CurrySomething that you traditionally see in the kitchen is an herb called Turmeric.  It is a fantastic flavoring agent and it is certainly an herb that you should be using in your dishes, but did you know that this particular herb is also good for other things?  Believe it or not, most people do not.

Turmeric is actually an herb that has been used in China for quite some time and it is a fantastic herb to treat small cuts and wounds.  It is actually an antiseptic and anti inflammatory herb, which means that you can stick it right into your first aid kit.

In the next blog, we will teach you exactly how to use Turmeric as a healing agent!

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