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Using Talc Powder On Your Hair!

November 15th, 2009

talc powderIn this day and age – there are a ton of different recipes and natural hair care treatments out there that can make your hair silky and soft.  Did you know that talc powder can actually help your fatty hair?  This particular powder actually retains excess fat and after leaving it on your hair for 15 minutes and washing it – your hair can be styled and will look awesome!

Another thing that is a good idea is using olive oil and coconut oil in your hair – just rubbing it on you scalp a little bit will really, really help your roots come alive and be completely moisturized.  If you are looking for some instant hair gloss, two eggs beaten with some milk can actually turn into a regenerating hair mask!

Your hair does not have to suffer and be dry just because you do not want to put chemicals into it, there are tons of natural hair care treatments out there!

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