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Using the Alexander Technique to Help Back Pain

October 22nd, 2009

back-painFirst and foremost — what the heck is the Alexander Technique? Well, in short, is it designed to help promote the right posture, which can correct a whole lot of back pain.

You see, if you do not sit correctly or walk properly, in terms of posture, then the body can become unbalanced, which can lead to all sorts of pain, not to mention fatigue.

The Alexander Technique is a technique which makes us aware of how we sit, stand, and walk. They are designed to relax, to reduce stress, to straighten the spine, to help the muscles, and even to improve circulation and articulation.

As we grow older, most of us will naturally fall into the habit of slouching, or carrying too much of our weight on a single side of our body. The techniques and exercises which make up the Alexander Technique may be able to correct that, and to thus either improve or outright prevent the back pain which occurs over time.

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