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The Truth about Acai Berries

August 11th, 2009

acai-berryIf you ever get spam mail, find yourself bothered by pop ups, or watch late night infomercials — and even some more legitimate talk shows — then you have heard of acai berries. They have been touted as modern day miracles, able to give you tons of energy and make you lose a lot of weight fast — but “naturally,” of course, which seems like a bit of a dichotomy.

So what are these so called miracle berries? Well, by all in depth accounts, they are not going to help you lose weight fast and in a healthy matter. Any fast weight loss is frankly not healthy, by virtue of the fact that losing weight too fast simply is not healthy for your body. Are they aphrodisiacs? Well, they may make some folks randy, but they are certainly not a miraculous cure for everyone’s waning libido. Will they cure cancer, diabetes, and other serious illnesses? Not so much, no, at least not in the manner they are currently being used.

So beware and do some hardcore research before subscribing to this particular “miracle.”

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