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Naturally Boosting Calcium: 2

June 17th, 2009

frozen-yogurtMilk is by no means the only way to get calcium — essentially the same kind provided by a glass of milk, in fact.

Although you should by no means overdo it, you can get a lot of calcium through some sweet and flavorful treats. For example, frozen yogurt is an excellent source of calcium — and it is also healthier than, say, ice cream. Of course, before buying any type of frozen yogurt, you should check out its calcium content. Remember, regular yogurt provides even more calcium. Evaporated milk in recipes for pudding, fudge, and even cake is a great alternative as well, as a single cup provides six hundred and sixty milligrams worth of calcium!

Cheese is an excellent source as well, and incorporating healthy amounts of various kinds of cheese into your diet can also provide a real treat. Remember, plenty of delicious dishes can be made even better with the addition of cheese; pasta and casseroles are just two of them.

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