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Natural Remedies For Asthma: How You Can Cure It! Part 3

asthma1There is evidence suggesting that what is known as the Buteyko Breathing Technique will work as a natural remedy for asthma. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, a Russian researcher, developed this technique. It is characterized mainly by shallow breathing methods of exercise. The main aim behind these breathing exercises is to help asthma sufferers breathe more easily.

The technique itself works on the premise that you can raise the level of carbon dioxide in your blood by breathing shallowly. This is helpful with asthma because carbon dioxide may be able to actually dilate the airways — specifically, the smooth muscles within them.

Studies have been done to test this theory and to see if the technique actually works. Sixty people were involved. A third of them used the Buteyko technique; a third of them used pranayama, which is a technique used in yoga; and a third used a placebo. The results suggested that those using the Buteyko method reduced their asthma symptoms. As well, the people in that group did not have to use their inhalers as much.

So, thus far, there is clear evidence that this may be an effective way to naturally relieve asthma symptoms.

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