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Natural Remedies For Asthma: How You Can Cure it! Part 2


One of the proven home remedies for asthma is taking one tablespoon of water and two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice twice a day.  This mixture is definitely something that helps and should absolutely be taken everyday … twice a day.  Another remedy that seems to work is honey.  Just having a jug of honey waved under the person who is suffering from an asthma attack can really cure the asthma – for about an hour.

Steaming ginger tea with a bit of minced garlic in it is definitely something that works as well and this should be taken in the morning as well as at night, that way you can make sure that it is being used most effectively.  Figs are another thing that can absolutely clear out all of the mucus that is in the bronchial tree and inside the respiratory track.

So as you can see, there truly are many different ways that you can not exactly cure asthma but you can help it out just by using a few items out of you kitchen!

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