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More Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Acne!


After you have switched your drinking habits up a little bit, the next step is going to be switching up your diet.  Although a lot of people think that what they put into their body does not matter, to be quite frank, it does matter and you definitely need to make sure that you are eating correctly.  Now of course, you can indulge sometimes, but moderation is going to be best and you should be having quite a few servings of veggies and fruits in order to get some clear skin!

Another great thing to drink besides water is cucumber juice.  Now of course, you can mix it with other juices, but if you drink cucumbers, you will definitely notice a change in your skin.  Especially if you mix this juice with carrot, lettuce or alfa alfa juice, as they are all going to clear up your acne right away!

Another great idea is making a skin mask for your acne out of fenugreek seed!  This can definitely be used as sort of a paste to put on your skin to help and prevent acne from breaking out!  Just boil these up in a liter of water and then use overnight – you will see a huge difference!

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