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Cancer Fighting Super Foods! Blog 2

July 24th, 2009

6237108Now that we have talked about two different foods that fight cancer, let’s touch on some more.  Blueberries are one berry that has a lot of different vitamins inside of it and it is one that definitely fights of all kinds of cancer.  Another food is chili peppers and jalapenos.  While spicy, these peppers are deadly for cancer cells.  Carrots are sweet potatoes are another couple veggies that are cancer-fighting superfoods.

Carrots have a possession of beta carotene, which is a secret weapons to breast cancer, bladder, lung and mouth cancer on top of prostate and stomach – eat a lot of carrots and you should have no problems with cancer!  Cauliflower, cabbage, kale and Brussel sprouts are a few other things that will fight that cancer for you when eaten.

Finally, figs and garlic are two other foods that really and truly will help you fight off cancer – both of which are incredible superfoods!

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