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Cancer Fighting Super Foods! Blog 1

July 23rd, 2009

When it comes to fighting off cancer – did you know that there are many different foods that you can use?  If you have cancer already, these foods can help you shrink it down because what these foods do for you is actually create a very unwelcoming home for tumors.  Below, we are going to outline just a few of the foods for you, however – there are many different kinds that you should look into if you are serious about not getting cancer.

Avocados, which are fantastic for dipping also have an uncanny ability to destroy all sorts of viral hepatitis, which is one of the main sources of liver cancer.  You can use avocado to add some flavor to usually bland dishes.  Broccoli is another cancer superfood, it uses indole-2-carinol to lure cancer-causing estrogen into becoming a more productive form of estrogen.  This particular veggie can also fight colon and rectal cancer as well.

And we will talk more about some of the other cancer fighting foods in the next blog!  Make sure that you stay put!

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