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Tips to Avoid the Extra Pounds During the Holiday Season

December 25th, 2008

holiday dietThe holiday festivities get a lot of people out of focus and out of sync. Our tendency is to regain what we have tried to lose the past few weeks or months. It is a season to be merry and dinner parties will be marked on our calendars. You need not stress or worry too much. Here are some practical tips to avoid those extra pounds:

  • Back to Basics. Always remain in control and go for the foods which are high in water content or fiber. They will surely make you feel full faster. Fiber rich food will help avoid over eating during the holidays.
  • Small is in! A big plate full of food may help you say goodbye to the hours of jogging and gym work that you have done in the past few months. Things will look really yummy but having your favorite dishes in smaller portions will do the trick.
  • Fluid! Fluid! Drink water or unsweetened beverages in between servings or meals. Again, this will help trick your body that you don’t want to ingest more of the delicious holiday treats.
  • Away from the buffet table. If you are attending a party or a dinner, it might help if you will take a seat somewhere far from the buffet table, dessert bar, or snack table so the temptation of grabbing all the food that you like will be lesser.
  • Exercise! The holiday season may give you some time off from your hectic work load but don’t forget to stick as much as possible to your exercise routine. If it is too cold to do your usual pound shedding drills, think of alternatives that you can do indoors.

Finally, the holiday season is the perfect time for you to relax. If you gain a few pounds during the holiday season, it is not the end of the world. Once you are back to your routine and off the holiday yummy dishes, you will most likely burn all the extra baggage you gained.

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