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8 Health habits that are just a waste of your time

June 4th, 2012

woman-brushing-teethThere are health practices that we tend to follow because family and friends say so. But there are health habits that we can drop and nothing bad will happen to you. Here are some of those health habits that you can do without:

Seeing the dentist every six months

The idea of going to the dentist twice a year actually came from a toothpaste ad. There is no scientific explanation behind that. Researchers have looked into the idea and found no evidence which proves the benefits of going to the dentist twice a year. Once a year of cleaning will be enough and according to the American Heart Association, this lowers your risk of heart problem.

Get rid of the milk as soon as it reaches its expiration date

The date you see on the milk carton indicates the date when it cannot be sold anymore. The milk may actually have a week more of freshness. Smell it and proceed if it does not smell funny. And in case you take in sour milk, there is no need to worry, that’s just like how milk cheese goes thru.

Feed your cold

There is also no evidence that this cold remedy works. What you really eat does not matter. Taking in lots of water and a hot soup might help with the sore throat and the buildup of mucus.

Brush your teeth and floss two times a day

Once a day is just fine. Plaque takes about a day to harden up. Once a day of brushing is better than brushing twice or thrice of half-baked tries. This is all about plaque though because you still have to deal with the bad breath in case. Be a good classmate or a co-worker and brush your teeth before going to school or work.

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